13:00-14:30 Live event
13:00 YouTube logo   Greetings | Prof. Nahum Shimkin, Dean of the Faculty
13:05     Welcome | Prof. David Malah, Head of SIPL
13:10 YouTube logo PDF icon Invited Talk | “Reliability in Modern Machine Learning”
Dr. Yaniv Romano, Assistant professor in the Departments of ECE and CS at the Technion, a new SIPL member   
13:35 YouTube logo   Wilk Family Awards, Benny Saban Award, SIPL Award
13:45 YouTube logo   Review of teaching activity at SIPL
Nimrod Peleg, Chief Engineer of SIPL
14:00 YouTube logo PDF icon Invited Talk | “Future, Present and Past of Signal Processing”
Dr. Yoav Medan, Co-Founder and CTO at AmplioSpeech, Visiting Researcher at EE Technion, Science and Technology Explorer
14:30     On-demand content available:

* Graduate Students Presentations
* Undergraduate Student Demos & Presentations

* Undergraduate Student Posters
* Projects in Progress Spring 2021