Keynote lectures

Opening Lecture:


Dr. Yaniv Romano

Reliability in Modern Machine Learning

Modern machine learning algorithms have achieved remarkable performance in a myriad of applications, and are increasingly used to make impactful decisions in the hiring process, criminal sentencing, healthcare diagnostics and even to make new scientific discoveries. The use of data-driven algorithms in high-stakes applications is exciting yet alarming: these methods are extremely complex, often brittle, notoriously hard to analyze and interpret. Naturally, concerns have been raised about the reliability of the inferences obtained by such opaque algorithms. This talk introduces statistical tools that can be wrapped around any “black-box" algorithm to provide valid inferential results while taking advantage of their impressive performance.

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Guest Lecture:


Dr. Yoav Medan

Future, Present and Past of Signal Processing


In the fifty years that I have been involved in signal processing from a variety of sources, I have experienced a significant number of technological generations, each of which has contributed a leap forward but also moved the younger generation away from the foundations of the field. In this talk, I will combine pieces of the Technion’s history, of the technological generations that shaped the course of the field, and various applications that have their roots in the past and fruits in the present.

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