Undergraduate Student Posters

Imported from Manual Input
Students Supervisor Project TitleCollab.Link to Poster Keywords
Yotam Afik and Itay ShemerTamar Rott ShahamColoring Grayscale Aerial Images of Eilat’s Coral ReefUniversity of Haifaimage, deep learning
Eldad Ohayon and Alexander BalabanovEran ShaharTennis Ball Detection in Video Using Neural NetworksBasline Visionvideo, deep learning
Nadav Abayov and Gefen LeviteHadas OfirAcoustic Vehicle Localizationaudio
Roy Lazoc and Yair AmarOri KatsMusic Manipulation Using Optimal Transportmusic, manifold learning
Dvir Marsh and Yossi MarcianoHadas OfirBinaural Graphic AnalyzerWaves Audioaudio
Amit Ben Aroush and Asaf AradHadas OfirGunshot Detection in Video GamesWaves Audioaudio, deep learning
Lior Kiassi and Roy HachnochiPavel LifshitsIdentification of an Anonymous Reviewer of an Academic Papernatural language processing
Dor Arad and Tomer KerenOri BrytEye and Head Tracking for Controlling a Reading Software for ChildrenFaculty for Education in Science and Technologyvideo, deep learning
Guy Yoffe and Aviv GolanShunit PolinskyLow-cost 3D Scanner for a Prosthetic Hand Digital FittingHaifa3D3D
Asaf Goren and Da El KlangYuval Ben HurError Resilient Real AdaBoostmachine learning
Shahar Yadin and Noam DanEv Zisselman and Ori BrytUnexpected Input Detection in Deep Neural Networksdeep learning
Elimelech Har-Sheffer and Menachem AmarDr. Meir Bar-ZoharResidual Learning of Deep CNN for Image Denoisingimage, deep learning
Ofry LivneyTamar Rott ShahamSinGANxSR – Super Resolution Transfer with SinGANimage, deep learning
Aviv AzranHadas OfirGaming Audio Simulatoraudio
Gabriel Mannes and Odelia LonginiOri BrytIndoor/Outdoor Classification of Voice for Mobile DevicesRafaelaudio, deep learning
Ofir Fridchay and Elnatan KadarYair MosheOpen World Recognition of
Ship Radars
Rafaelradar, deep learning
Yoad Pilosof and Aviv GolanPavel Lifshits and Alon EilamRadar Target Classification Using Micro Doppler Signature and Diffusion MapRADAradar, manifold learning
Tomer Fait and Orel Ben-ReuvenAmir IvryAcoustic Fence Using Multi-Microphone
Speaker Separation
Phoenix Audio Technologies audio, deep learning
Lana Brik and Nir VoloshinPavel LifshitsAutomobile Driver Fingerprintingmanifold learning
Karin Jakoel and Liron EfraimTamar Rott ShahamImage Manipulation with GANs Spatial Control
image, deep learning
Sharon SalabiAsst. Prof. Joachim A. Behar, Kevin Kotzen
A Data-driven Approach to Nocturnal Diagnosis of Hypertension from Continuous Photoplethysmography Time Series
Sasson VakninMichal ZivanBrain Activity During Reading a Text from a Screen vs Reading a Text from a PaperEducational Neuroimaging Centerphysiological
Idan Roth and Zahi CohenYair MosheVoice DeepFakespeech, deep learning
Noa Tykochinsky and Itay WengrowiczShunit PolinskyUser Specific Speech Recognition for
Controlling a 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand
Yuval Mendelson and Daniel BrachaYa-Wei Eileen LinHyperbolic Representation Learning for
EEG Signals
physiological, manifold learning
Inbal Aharoni and Shani IsraelovIdan KligvasserCreating Image Segmentation Maps Using GANsimage, deep learning
Omri Jurim and Ohad MochlyYair Moshe and Gal GreshlerSpeech-to-Singing Conversion
Using Deep Learning
Lyricaspeech, deep learning
Eldad Matmon and Gilad FeldmanHadas OfirBrain-Computer-Interface for ALSphysiological, manifold learning
Tamir BittonHadas OfirUltrasonic Water Meter Calibration by Deep
ARAD Technologiesdeep learning
Yotam EliaHadas Ofir and Baruch BerdugoSpeech Enhancement Evaluation
Using Speech Recognition Algorithm
speech, deep learning
Tomer Arama and Itay ShemerTamar Rott ShahamSinGAN for Temporal Super-Resolutionvideo, deep learning
Sagy Gersh and Yahav VinokurTamar Rott Shaham and Idan KligvasserSeeing Sound: Estimating Image from Soundaudio, image, deep learning
Alexey Golub and Yanay DadoDr. Meir Bar-ZoharDeep Learning Based Image Processing
for a Smartphone Camera
image, deep learning
Elad DavidProf. Tomer MichaeliA Random-Projection Based Approach for
Generative Modelling
image, deep learning
Noam Ben-Moshe and Noa CohenSheina Gendelman and Asst. Prof. Joachim A. BeharCompression for Continuous Long-Term
Electrocardiography Recordings
physiological, deep learning
Saar Ron and Tomer FireaizenProf. Omer BobrowskiTopology of Signals (second prize in the faculty projects contest, named after Yehoraz Kasher, 2021)mathematical topology, audio
Tomer Fireaizen, Dan Ben-David, Shaked Hadad, Nir Kurland and Sima EtkindPavel Lipshits and Yair Moshe, mentored by Prof. Israel CohenOptimizing a Binary Intelligent Reflecting
Surface for OFDM Communications
communication, deep learning
Liel Nagar and Shir HayutYair MosheMelanoma Detection and SegmentationMarpe Technologies image, deep learning
Or Elia Harush and Shlomi Ben AbuDenis DikarovDirection of Arrival Estimation
for Radar in Multipath Environment
Ran Ben-Shaul and Aviv EliavOri BrytDepth Map Compression using Deep Learning Techniques3D, deep learning
Idan Friedman and Tomer LotanOri BrytImage Colorization for Thermal Mobile Camera Imagesimage, deep learning
Dor Mitz and Yaniv ShlomovichOri Bryt
Motorized Thermal Camera Slider for
Oral Cancer Detection
HT Bioimagingcontrol, image
Sammy Apsel and Da-el KlangShunit PolinskyFoot Gestures Recognition for Controlling a 3D-Printed Prosthetic Handphysiological, control
Anaelle Yasdi and Judit Ben AmiOri Bryt3D Object Detection for Intel RealSense LiDAR3D, deep learning
Chen Goldenberg and Uri SavirIdan KligvasserLearning Super-Resolution Spaceimage, deep learning
Lana Brik and Maor AtiasIdo CohenIdentification of Suspicious Objects
in Security Camera Video
IDFvideo, deep learning
Neriya Golan and Mikhail KlinovYair Moshe and Baruch BerdugoDeep Learning Based Target Cancellation
for Speech Dereverberation
speech, deep learning
Dan Ben David and Topaz AharonYair MosheBlood Pressure Estimation Using
a Smartphone Camera
physiological, deep learning